Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of JIC 12 years old

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of  JIC 12 years old

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of JIC 12 years old

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Balsamic vinegar and weight loss

Balsamic vinegar is often promoted as a weight loss product. The catechin polyphenols it contains are similar to those in green tea, which are known to stimulate metabolism and the amount of fat converted to heat (thermogenesis). However, balsamic vinegar has not been investigated as a weight loss aid in clinical trials. Similarly, other vinegars such as apple cider vinegar have been found to slow stomach emptying, improve digestion and reduce the glycaemic load of foods, but there are no studies involving balsamic vinegar itself. Enjoy balsamic vinegar for its flavour, but don’t expect miracle weight loss from using it.

Balsamic vinegar and cholesterol

In laboratory studies, balsamic vinegar inhibits the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol and reduces its uptake into the scavenger cells (macrophages) that contribute to inflammation, hardening and furring up of the arteries. It’s therefore thought that balsamic vinegar contributes to the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet to help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but there are no human trials at present.

Balsamic vinegar and diabetes   Preliminary studies suggest that balsamic vinegar activates the beta cells within the pancreas that secrete insulin hormone. Balsamic vinegar  is under investigation for its potential to help protect against type 2 diabetes, but there are currently no published clinical trials.

Balsamic vinegar for cancer

Balsamic vinegar has been assessed for its effects on well-being, along with other traditional ingredients, in women with breast cancer. In the study, involving 34 women, half followed a polyphenol rich diet consisting of 15 ml/day balsamic vinegar (infused with apples, honey, sea buckthorn berries, rosemary, sage and basil) and instructed to drizzle this over salads and vegetable soups. They also took a grape seed extract rich in polyphenols. After three months, the physical, functional and social well-being of those taking the extract was significantly better than those not using the balsamic vinegar mixture.

How to add balsamic vinegar to your diet

As heating destroys the distinctive flavour and aroma of traditional balsamic vinegar, and because of the cost of the real thing, it is traditionally reserved to use by the drop on fresh berries, Parmigiano or Grana padano cheese, creamy desserts such as panna cotta, and vanilla ice cream.

Commercial balsamic vinegar can be drizzled over food at the end of cooking, on asparagus, pasta, grilled meats, scallops, shrimps, sea bass, risotto, and rich stews. It is also used together with olive oil as a bread dip.

I love drizzling Balsamic syrup or glaze over home-made sweet potato wedges (baked for 30 minutes with garlic, rosemary and thyme). I add the balsamic glaze for the last 10 minutes of cooking to really bring out their flavour. Goes great with steak and salad!

Balsamic vinegar dressing

Because of its viscosity and caramelization, balsamic vinegar makes a great low calorie salad dressing that needs less additional oil than when using other types of vinegar.

For use in salad dressings, select a cheaper grade of balsamic that lists the cooked grape must plus vinegar.

Combine 100ml of a commercial grade balsamic vinegar with 15ml (1 tablespoon) wholegrain mustard, 15ml (1 tablespoon) water and 15ml (1 teaspoon) of extra virgin olive oil or walnut oil. Infuse with a crushed clove garlic and chopped herbs (eg tarragon, basil, rosemary)

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